Michael Berger Gallery is a not-for-profit enterprise underwritten by the Michael and Sherle Berger Foundation. The Foundation’s educational mission is intended to increase public awareness of this generation’s cultural heritage in the visual arts.

The Michael Berger Gallery features contemporary international fine art from emerging and established visual artists. The collection includes over 300 works of art, creating a comprehensive and important survey of post-war and contemporary art. Our aim is to help you purchase affordable contemporary art that will enhance your life and also serve as a valuable investment. We offer work in a range of prices, making it affordable to average collectors.  Please submit an inquiry about any work on this site and we will get back to you. We ship internationally.

A comment from Michael Berger: My perspective on art

"All too often I see contemporary art on display at major institutions that doesn't meet this very basic criterion: Is it appealing? A work's appeal doesn't have to be limited to visual beauty - it can also encompass technical prowess, an ideological point of view, or just sheer innovation. But too many things we see these days don't cut it: a piece that relies on shock value, an idea we've seen before that was never beautiful, mechanical art that doesn't work, "cutting edge" technology that is 50 years old."