Michael Berger first began exhibiting works from his small, but growing, collection in 1967 out of his own home in Pittsburgh as a service to his community . The artists he featured were exhibiting concurrently at the Carnegie International Exhibition of that year.

He continued to organize exhibitions of Contemporary Art open to the public out of his home for the next twenty years (1969 - 1989). The breadth of artistic talent introduced to the Pittsburgh community included Milton Avery, Fernando Botero, Philip Pearlstein, Alex Katz, Joseph Albers, Andy Warhol, John Cage, and Sol Lewitt.

In 2000, the Michael Berger Gallery of International Contemporary Art was created as part of the Michael and Sherle Berger Foundation. During the twelve years this gallery was open to the public, over 33 group and solo exhibitions were shown. These shows included internationally recognized contemporary artists and brought emerging artists to the Pittsburgh region for the first time.

Although now the gallery exists only online, the exhibitions produced at Michael Berger Gallery, in its many locations throughout Pittsburgh, provides a wonderfully rich and interesting history  that we will be including here on this site as an evolving online archive